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Get the framework that actually streamlines your marketing systems and diminishes overwhelm for good.

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Are you sick of feeling stressed out and unsure about how to handle your marketing?

  • You're a capable entrepreneur, but marketing is not your expertise.
  • You have big ideas and visions but are unsure how to execute the plan.
  • Technology doesn't come easy, and it's time to clean up your files and get organized.

Just imagine what your life will be like when...

  • You've got a solid rinse and repeat process to handle your social media, email marketing, and website updates.
  • Fool-proof! No more wondering what to do, when to do it, and of course - HOW to do it.
  • You're no longer spending hours on social media because you feel like you have to be online.
  • You attract qualified candidates who are ready to whip out their credit cards and purchase.

"Not only did I get all this practical marketing knowledge, but had a great time with these other fantastic inspirational small business owners along the way." - Jenny C


But right now, it's a strain...

Tell me, Do you struggle with these things?


"My documents are all over the place and I don't even know what colors to use in my graphics. I'm not really sure how to update my website correctly and I don't even think Google Analytics is set up. I'm spending SO much time on social media and I just want it to feel easier and less time-consuming."


"My confidence is knocked because there are so many tools, strategies, platforms, and styles - I just don't know which direction to go in. I've tried out a bunch of different approaches and sometimes it feels like I don't know what I'm doing."


"I'm unsure of what exactly to do and want guidance. I want to learn how to market my business so I can better understand how it all works can make better decisions."

It's time to take control of your future & business, optimize your systems, and enjoy managing your marketing!

Constantly seeing new trends pop up and perpetually trying to 'figure it out' doesn't feel good.

You have a clear, purpose-driven vision and your business exists to bring light into this world. People NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!

It's time to get your message out there - loud and clear.

I am SO ready to join the waitlist

It does get easier.

With this program you will find:


With the right tools, resources, framework, and insights, it is possible to manage your marketing with ease. Once you understand what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, everything flows smoothly and perfectly aligned with your goals.


Feedback and support are so important when we develop our brands and market our businesses. Marketing is a creative process so having someone to bounce ideas off is massively helpful for creating unique, aligned, and memorable marketing.


Not knowing what to do sucks. Having a proven framework with templates, resources, guides, and one-on-one feedback puts all the pieces together and feels so. damn. good. Knowing that your marketing hits the mark feels freeing.

If there are a few areas in your marketing you'd like to improve on or you simply just want to understand WTF is going on…. you're in the right place.

Marketing Mapped Out

Say goodbye to dull and disorganized content, low engagement, and confused customers - and hello to a dynamic, organized, and profitable marketing system. Seamlessly master your marketing and make more money.

For the Small Business Owner who is ready to access the tools and learn the techniques for long-term success

I'm in for the next round!

It's time to do it better.

Experience The Step-By-Step Marketing Course To Help You Work More Efficiently...Without Having To Google and Guess Your Way Through It


Never lose momentum again. You'll be in a group with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs who experience similar challenges around life, business, and marketing. This is the team that will encourage and support you as you break through to greatness.


Gain the tools and insights to make better business decisions. You'll walk away with a concrete understanding of what goes into successful marketing so you can plan, hire, and operate with ease.


Marketing isn't just about viral reels and quippy subject lines. Learn how to optimize your workflows, energy, focus, and intention so you can balance your mind, body, and spirit


Not sure where you saved that file? No more scattered folders, mistitled files, or lost files. We'll get you sorted out with a fool-proof folder-sorting system so you can easily access the info that'll make you money.


Set your big, long-term goals and develop a plan to actually achieve them.


Know exactly what steps to take next to get you where you want to go.


Stay focused on your reason and unique way of being. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful marketing. This is the road map to clarify, simplify, and streamline your ideas, business, and processes. You'll dive deeper into your authentic voice and reason for serving the world at large and gain more clarity along the way.

Hey, there. I'm Alex and I created Marketing Mapped Out to help small business owners thrive.

Why? Because I've been there. The to-dos add up, the technology changes, the requests keep coming in, and we still only have those 24 hours to figure it all out.

Marketing Mapped Out is the culmination of 8 years of marketing small businesses and the tools, resources, processes, and strategies I've learned along the way.

From supporting small businesses in Connecticut to now serving North America and beyond, Marketing Mapped Out is the roadmap that every small business owner, marketing manager, and entrepreneur can follow for years to come.

Here's what's included:


Going from overworked and overwhelmed to confident and capable required clarity and organization - which is exactly what we'll do in module 1!

  • Gain access to our exclusive resources documents filled with shortcuts, resources, freebies, and more.
  • Break down your business goals and intentions
  • Create a fool-proof file system

Social Media Strategy

Get the tools and templates to create 90+ days of social media content.

  • Understand the future of social media marketing and utilize insights to your benefit.
  • Build out your social media content calendar and begin developing content that excites, educates, and converts.
  • Master Canva design
  • Put your social media on autopilot


Uncover your big WHY and develop clear and concise messaging that aligns with your mission and vision.

  • Learn the ins and outs of good design to create your custom brand kit.
  • Learn how to optimize simple and clear brand documents to better communicate and collaborate with partners and prospects.

Email Marketing

Wrap up your communications plan with email marketing to support your conversion goals.

  • Build an email list of people dying to hear from you
  • Create engaging emails that folks can't wait to open
  • Master the workflow to publish weekly emails with ease


Know exactly what to do and when to do it. We'll look at your big goals and reverse engineer the project and marketing plan.

  • Annual plan templates
  • Daily task and strategy plans


Refine and or build your own website. Get the checklists for a highly converting website, master your SEO, and integrate your site with all necessary tools


Never be unsure what the numbers mean again

  • Get weekly report emails that actually make sense
  • Understand what your analytics actually mean


The Batching Bundle Starter Kit

The Proven Productivity Template Kit To Help You Create Months of Social Media Content in Minutes

The Batching Bundle Starter Kit is a 10-piece template and resource guide. Carefully crafted to take you through a transformation of your social media systems, you'll move from overwhelmed with juggling your social media content to a confident content creator.

Open Air Marketing

Monthly Office Hours for ALL Toombs Creative Clients 

Working alone can hinder creativity and perpetuate uncertainty. Wouldn't it be cool to connect and get your top questions answered? Join in on a BONUS 60-min call once a month with the entire Toombs Creative community in group and 1:1 programs.

Guest Coaches

Because we're not experts at everything!

Get pumped for 60-minute guest coaching experiences from experts as we dive deeper into branding, mindset work, and financials.


Meet your Mentor

From launching her career in the New York City music industry to supporting startups in British Columbia, Alex Toombs has over 10 years of small business marketing experience.

With a bachelor's degree in public relations focusing on psychology, Alex is now completing her Master's in Business in Sustainable Innovation at Vancouver Island's University of Victoria.

Toombs Creative is a member of 1% For The Planet and has a mission of teaching small business owners how to master their marketing so they can make more money and create a bigger impact on the world at large.

Work Smart. Play Hard.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill program with cookie-cutter strategies.

  • Uncover a work-life balance that actually supports your adventurous spirit
  • Guest coaches are called to the front lines when diving deeper into themes or categories.
  • 1% of your investment is donated back to environmental organizations

Marketing Mapped Out is for you if…

  • You're a purpose-driven business owner that just wants to do it better
  • Serving the world at large lights a fire inside of you
  • You're focused and intent on your mission and are ready to put the confusion and frustration behind you

This might not be the best experience if…

  • You're looking for a quick fix to get rich fast
  • You're not interested in learning
  • You're satisfied with your current systems and processes

Don't take it from me…

Marketing Mapped Out is the number one reason I am on track to launch and confident with the direction of my business!

Not only did I get all this practical marketing knowledge, but had a great time with these other fantastic inspirational small business owners along the way.

If you are thinking of starting a small business or you have one already, MMO is absolutely worth it!

Jenny C

Want to see your small business dreams actualized? Get a professional's help to put your ideas and creativity into action.

Alex is amazing at helping hone in on the most effective process for executing a creative heart-led small business warrior's plan for growth.

MMO can help get you centered, organized, and efficient with your time so that every moment that you invest in your business is accountable and effective.

Kathryn W

Marketing Mapped Out helped solidify so many things, and I am confident that I will feel totally ready when I go to launch!

I think I would be totally lost by now without MMO.

It absolutely keeps me grounded and moving forward.

Jenny C

Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm super excited about the program, but I'm a startup and cash flow is a factor.

Your investment in Marketing Mapped Out is $1000 USD ($1,200 CAD) per month for 3 months or a single installment $2,500 USD ($3,000 CAD). Inside MMO we give you everything you need to successfully master your marketing and create rinse and repeat systems to last a lifetime.

Once you have the systems down and an awareness of what goes into successful marketing, you'll also see a shift in your confidence - and results.


So, what'll it be?

It's time to make 1 of 2 choices.

The first is to do nothing. And as we know: if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

BUT, if you want to fall in love with your marketing and make a more significant impact on the world, then the choice is obvious: enroll in Marketing Mapped Out and begin your transformation into the well-oiled marketing systems your business is meant to have.

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"Alex is amazing at helping hone in on the most effective process for executing a creative heart-led small business warrior's plan for growth. Alex can help get you centered, organized, and efficient with your time so that every moment that you invest in your business is accountable and effective."

Alrighty, I'm ready!