Master Your Marketing & Make A Difference

Learn the strategies top successful small business use to create more confidence, ease, and profitability.

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Are you sick of feeling stressed out and unsure about how to handle your marketing?

Get the framework that actually streamlines your marketing and diminishes overwhelm for good.


You can create more ease and fulfillment in your business

Just imagine what your life will be like when...

  • You've have a repeatable process to easily manage your social media, email marketing, and website.
  • No more wondering what to do, when to do it, and of course - HOW to do it all.
  • You're no longer spending hours on screens because you feel like you have to be online to make money.
  • You attract qualified customers who are ready to whip out their credit cards and buy.

Yes, it's possible - and small businesses around the world do it every day.

In Marketing Mapped Out, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your marketing.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Know exactly what steps to take next to get you where you want to go.
  • Learn how to optimize your workflows, energy, focus, and intention so you can balance your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Set your long-term goals and achieve them with ease.

The right marketing strategy can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Marketing Mapped Out.


Marketing Mapped Out

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Time and Energy?

This 6-month program will teach you everything you need to know to set your marketing on autopilot and more easily make a positive impact on your communities. You’ll learn how to:

  • Speak directly to customers ready to buy
  • Make more money in half the time
  • Create absolute confidence in your marketing

With a simple shift in your marketing and some smart strategies, you could start living the life of your dreams.

What We Cover In The Course...

MODULE 1 & 2


Branding is one of the critical foundational elements of successful marketing. Learn exactly how to present and communicate your business:

  • Develop crystal clear messaging that speaks to your customer
  • Create a brand kit package to easily send to teams and partners
  • Build a strategy to attract qualified customers

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of your brand and how to speak to aligned customers.



With your branding refined, the next step is to optimize your website. In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your website for leads
  • Be found easily on search engines
  • Sell while you sleep

You’ll finish this course with a website you can be proud of.



What you can't measure, you can't manage. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • What data is significant to your business and goals
  • Where to find this important information
  • How to make better business decisions

You’ll finish this lesson with steps to simply measure and refine your marketing.



For many, the goal is to be prepared for the future. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What tasks and projects will bring you the most joyful results
  • When to launch campaigns
  • How to seamlessly integrate marketing into your lifestyle

You’ll finish this module knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.

MODULE 6 - 8

Social Media

With the foundational elements in place, the next step is to bring in customers. In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a 12-months plan
  • Create content that converts followers into customers
  • Seamlessly create months of content in minutes

You’ll finish this course with a repeatable system that'll set your marketing on autopilot.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has a higher return than any other form of marketing. In this module, you’ll:

  • Build an engaged list of subscribers
  • Create your email marketing strategy
  • Launch email sequences, stress-free

You’ll finish this lesson feeling confident and enthusiastic about email marketing.

Marketing Mapped Out Is For You If You Are...

  • A purpose-driven entrepreneur that wants to make a bigger impact
  • Ready to take the path of least resistance to grow your business
  • Craving tools and templates to seamlessly manage your marketing
  • In love with what you do and want to do more of it 
  • Excited to learn, grow, and get better

I'm Alex Toombs

Meet Alex Toombs, a fearless entrepreneur who's spent over a decade mastering the art of marketing and business.

My professional background started in the music industry, but it was a life-changing trip to New Zealand that truly opened my eyes to living life on my own terms.

Since then, I've traveled and lived all around the world, pursuing complete autonomy in my work and personal life. I love being outdoors, traveling in my trusty camper van, and going on hikes with my dog, Toblerone 'Toby' Toombs.

My true passion lies in helping purpose-driven small businesses master their marketing strategies to make a positive difference in their communities. It's an honor to work with these inspiring entrepreneurs who are driven by a bigger mission than just making a profit.

Through my 10+ years of experience, I've developed a unique approach to marketing that combines creativity, strategy, and empathy. My ultimate goal is to help businesses connect with their audience in a genuine and meaningful way, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

If you're looking for a marketing expert who truly understands the value of purpose-driven business, I'm your go-to person. Let's work together to create a better world, one business at a time.

"If you want to take your business seriously you need this course. No brainer. Non-negotiable."

AJ Schneider, Beyond The Green Coaching

"Marketing Mapped Out is a fantastic program if you're ready to build a strategic plan for marketing your business.

You'll be given the opportunity to understand not only HOW to market but also understand - and be able to communicate visually & verbally - WHY you run your business.

It's a robust training and Alexandra is a great facilitator."

Dana Smith, Dana Smith Wellness

"Marketing Mapped Out is the number one reason I am on track to launch and confident with the direction of my business!

Not only did I get all this practical marketing knowledge, but had a great time with these other fantastic inspirational small business owners along the way."

Jenny Cawthorne, Little Egg

So, what'll it be?

It's time to make 1 of 2 choices.

The first is to do nothing. And as we know: if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

BUT, if you want to fall in love with your marketing and make a more significant impact on the world, then the choice is obvious: enroll in Marketing Mapped Out and begin your transformation into the well-oiled marketing systems your business is meant to have.